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Apakah Kamu sedang mencari ebook-ebook Islam dengan topik-topik yang lengkap seperti: Akidah, Quran, Hadis , New Muslims, Worship, Innovations, Fataawaa, Manhaj, Learning Arabic, Knowledge, For Brothers, For Sisters, For The Youth, Heart & Soul,Family & Society , Personality , Current Affairs, Groups & Sect ? Ada sebuah situs web yang dapat menjawab keinginan Anda tersebut. Melalui situs ini Anda dapat mendownload secara gratis ebook-ebook terpercaya yang menjelaskan tentang ajaran Islam.

Beberapa diantara ebook yang ada yaitu:
1. Quran Server
Translation of The Holy Quran in Urdu Ahmed Ali, Transliteration, English Yusuf Ali, French, German, English Shakir, English Qaribullah, English Muhsin Khan, English Pickthall, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Brazilian, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Malaysian, Mexican, Poland, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Urdu Jalandhry.

2. An Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith
After the Qur'an itself, the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad form the most important foundation of Islamic thought. The hadith were accounts -- usually brief -- of the words and actions of the Prophet. As such, they were subjected to intense scrutiny by generations of Muslim scholars. Better known as the Muqaddimah, Ibn al-Salah (1181-1245) composed this work while serving as the head of the Dar al-Hadith al-Ashrafiya in Damascus, one of the most prestigious institutions for the study of hadith in the Islamic world. Here he provides a complete overview of the science devoted to the study of the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad, and also a guide to the terminology and techniques of the scholars of hadith as it summarizes most of the previous work on the subject and forms the basis of almost all later activity in the field. The book enjoyed immense popularity and influenced most subsequent writing on the subject.

3. Kindness to Parents

Kindness to parents is very elightening booklet. He has collected several stories and narrations that demonstrate the Birr(being dutiful) and kindness of our righteous Salaf towards their parents, and their striving hard to satisfy their parents, and their striving hard to satisfy their parents needs and necessities, in obedience to Allah' worship in sincerity. He refers from the noble Quran that a man is never allowed to say 'UFF' (fie) if he smells a bad odour coming from his parents or one of them. The author has also exposed the shortcomings and errors of many among us who do not preserve the rights of their parents.

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